Gyllene Hornet

Gyllene Hornet

Gyllene Hornet

Three hours from Stockholm, on the shores of a beautiful large lake, the Gyllene Hornet Hotel welcomes families in search of the countryside. With its indoor pool, games room and snack bar in the lounge, it’s a great place to be, whatever your age!

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Gyllene Hornet

Cold, blue sky and snow is exactly what we came for. We loved our stay at the Riviera Strand a year earlier, but were left a little frustrated that we hadn’t gone far enough into the heart of the country to ensure white landscapes. So this time we headed north, in the middle of nowhere. And it paid off! We discovered snowy landscapes, icy roads (nothing to scare their winter tyres), cold weather, a beautiful lake and a nice hotel. The Gyllene Hornet is authentic, which is what makes it so charming. The indoor swimming pool with a children’s pool and a games room immediately put families at ease. The cosy lounge makes you want to leave your room and sit down, especially at snack time, when a small buffet of biscuits, tea and coffee awaits you.

Salon du Gyllene Hornet

Where do we sleep?

Our room was a small house (the Log House) outside the main building. Inside there are two bedrooms (one with a single bed and the other with a bunk bed), a bathroom and upstairs a double bed, a sitting area and a kitchenette. It’s all very authentic. When it works, why change? But against all odds, the beds are super comfortable and the shower is very efficient.

(At the end of December, in Tällberg, it is daylight from 9 am to 3 pm. So I took advantage of the daylight to show you what it looks like on a nice day. Anyway, the beds were unmade and the furniture had been rearranged… It was more beautiful when we arrived, I promise!)

Log House du Gyllene Hornet

What do we eat?

It’s buffet time! In the evenings and mornings, a buffet is set up in the rooms behind the reception, where you have the best view of the lake. We choose what we eat and therefore we serve what we want (or what they want, depending on their age) to the children. There is something for everyone. In the morning, breakfast is both sweet (pancakes, jam, muesli, yoghurt, fruit) and savoury (cheese, cold cuts). There are some Swedish touches: the fish preparation or the crackers (probably Wasa by the way).

The New Year period was not ideal for testing the evening buffet. The restaurant closed on three of the four nights of our stay. On 30 and 31 December, the party was held in their second hotel a few hundred metres away, and 1 January was a public holiday. We had the opportunity to discover the different restaurants in Tällberg (almost all linked to a hotel).

What do we do?

We walk around the lake, of course! This beautiful lake is worth a walk or a drive to go further. We then have the pleasure of discovering the Swedish landscapes and the typical red houses (this red comes from the copper mine in the town of Falun, an hour away). If there are red houses in Sweden, it is there! And, by the way, visiting the mines is an activity to do with big children. Now you know everything, I can close this long parenthesis). You can also walk around the hotel, go tobogganing, go cross-country skiing, stop at the small café-boutique in Tällberg (Dalmål) or take one to go when the foodtruck (coffietruck I should say) is passing by.

Coffeetruck in Sweden

There are several other hotels in Tällberg, and after trying out their restaurants, some of them made us want to return. The Green Hotel, among others, with its basement games/disco room and super friendly staff.

The snowy countryside is beautiful and certainly just as beautiful in summer. Once again, Sweden has charmed us.

Gyllene Hornet

Tällbergsvägen 28
793 70 Tällberg

Stockholm-Bromma airport (3h15) / Oslo airport (4h30)

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