Riviera Strand Hotel

Lampes au Riviera Strand Hotel

Riviera Strand Hotel

Two hours drive south of Göteborg, overlooking the sea, the Riviera Strand Hotel is a family paradise. Once we walk in the revolving door, we discover a sober and welcoming decoration. A few details caught our attention and helped us understand in only a couple of minutes that we would love this place…

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Réception du Riviera Strand Hotel
© Anders Karolyi

The stairs leading from the reception desk to the restaurant have two levels of bannister. On the ground, flamingo (the hotel symbol) steps guide the children through the various games rooms. During the check-in, we receive bathrobes and slippers for children. In short, in only a few minutes, we knew that the place was “made for families”. What are the little bathrobes for? To go to the indoor pool, of course! You’ll have to go outside of the main building for a few seconds to get to the one sheltering the pool, so you’d rather do it well covered. The place gathers a baby pool, a swimming pool with a climbing wall (from which you can jump in the water), a jacuzzi and outdoor pools. A set of accessories to play in the pool are to be shared by everyone. All the interests are covered.

Piscine intérieure du Riviera Strand Hotel
© Anders Karolyi

Where do we sleep?

Regarding the rooms, there is a bit (well, a lot in fact) of everything. Ours had a view on the inside pool (very helpful to spot the off-peak hours) but most of all on the sea. It’s a little apartment with its two separate bedrooms. The kids room welcomes up to 4 children and the parents room has the view on the sea. There is a kitchen with two hotplates, a micro-wave, a dishwasher and the equipment. That may be useful if you need to cook for the children, for example. There is, in addition, a big supermarket a the corner of the street.

Petit salon au Riviera Strand Hotel
© Anders Karolyi

© Anders Karolyi

What do we eat?

We can cook in the room but that would be a shame to miss the amazing chef’s cooking. Once again, everything has been thought through. A buffet for the children let you choose what you put in their plate and avoid waiting for service (it can be very useful if you are traveling with hungry kids). It’s all so good that we wonder sometimes why, us, grown-ups, don’t have access to these dishes. But the menu is as delicious. We can order among the dishes on the menu or select the imposed menu, which is a great solution to avoid a though decision. The imposed menu changes every day and goes through all the dishes on the menu.

In the morning, a huge buffet spreads all over the dining place. There is every classic (eggs, bacon, sausages, fruits, pastry, bread, pancakes, …) and a little extra very appreciated by the youngest: D.I.Y. waffles!

Salle à manger du Riviera Strand Hotel
© Anders Karolyi

What do we do?

Once we go out of the hotel (not that easy to leave the inside pool or the games rooms), we can walk on the beach to the small town of Båstad. If you have a car, go take a ride around the Rössjön and Västersjön lakes. If you feel like walking, continue on foot. The woods and the lakes seem to offer many ways (but we will leave it to you because we did it by car). The view is splendid!

Chemin vers la mer depuis le Riviera Strand Hotel
© Anders Karolyi

The region offers also two golf courses (Båstad GK and Bjäre GK).

Also, two other hotels from the same chain will welcome you in Båstad (Skansen Hotel) and Torekov (Torekov Hotel). If the Riviera Strand Hotel is the only one truly made for families, the others will offer what’s needed to host your children in spite of it.

Riviera Strand Hotel

Rivieravägen 33
269 39 Båstad

Göteborg-Landvetter airport (2h) / Copenhagen airport(1h30)

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Made for Families

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