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Your Nature

An hour from Brussels, on the French border, an ecoresort spreads over hectares and hectares of forest and greenery. The lodges are spread out along tarmac roads that are off-limits to cars. Peace, nature and ecology are the watchwords here…

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Réception de Your Nature

We follow a path that leads to the car park. Last stop for the car, it can go no further than reception. However, a small bus runs regularly around the site to take guests to their lodge. Golf carts are also available for hire. We didn’t think it was necessary (except perhaps to bring luggage) but we changed our minds after walking around the estate. If your lodge is far from the swimming pool, for example, it may be worthwhile. Let’s talk about the swimming pool. You can get there by a slide (if you want to, of course – I can already see the worried ones opening their eyes wide) or by a staircase. An inflatable structure that looks like nothing is actually a balancing act. You can sit in the children’s pool and watch the tightrope walkers without getting splashed when they fall. Next to it, there’s an armada of children’s waistcoats for you to help yourself to. You can also ask for rubber rings for the little ones. Finally, a warmer pool (the one that catches the adventurers from the slide) has a bubble section.

Piscine intérieure de Your Nature

Where do we sleep?

The lodges are differentiated by their number of rooms and their location: the lake house (along the lake), the Leaf (along a pond), the TreeLoft (a high cabin), the Cottage (in the woods) and The Lodge and The Blue Lodge (for 2 people only). These little houses are well thought out. We were in a Leaf with 3 bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own shower room and toilet (close by if not in the bathroom). There was a bath and, as we had requested a cot, we were provided with a small baby bath, a potty and a changing pad. In short, it had everything you need to travel with little ones (4 years old and 2 years old in our case).

Our accommodation overlooked a pond. So we listened to the frogs, watched a family of swans and said hello to the ducks.

What do we eat?

You can eat in the lodge: the kitchen is equipped to prepare simple dishes. A delicatessen can be used to prepare pesto pasta or a frozen lasagne. If you don’t want to cook, the resort’s restaurant will take over. This is where breakfast is served, if you choose this option. There’s a buffet with all the classics (cold meats, cheese, pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, granola, pastries, bread, spreads, etc.) and a coffee machine with all the options you could wish for. We were all delighted to eat there three mornings in a row.

What do we do?

At Your Nature, you can go swimming, but you’ll also find a mini golf course, paddle courts, a lovely big tent for rainy days with table football, music, board games, etc. And then you can walk around the estate or leave it for a stroll along the canal.

Etang à Your Nature

In between all these activities, children can ride their bike-scooter-balance bike (delete as appropriate) along the estate’s roads.

We loved our stay at the Your Nature ecoresort. It’s a beautiful and well thought-out way to spend some quality time with the family. We thought it was the ideal place to get together with friends: each family in its own house and we all meet up for activities. And the place lives up to its name: it’s full of nature!

Your Nature

Chemin du Bois de Fouage
7640 Antoing

Brussels (1h) / Lille (0h30)

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