Dessin de famille
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We are Boris and Anne-Laure, parents of two little girls (4 and 2 y.o.).

We’ve always loved traveling, going to close and not so close cities. So, logically, we kept this habit when our first daughter joined us. We always found a way to sleep with her if there was no baby bed, make her eat on our knees without a high chair, etc. But everything changed when our second daughter arrived.

First, it’s pretty comfortable to have what you need and a kind staff smiling when a potential source of noise arrives. Second, as a parent, we love to take advantage of our stays to escape the daily tasks. It’s based on these thoughts that we started to look for hotels, restaurants and other places that aren’t just kids friendly, but family friendly or even made for families (that’s how the title of the website easily came). These places where children are excited by the activities and where parents enjoy their stay too. We gather great addresses little by little, but since we have found amazing places, we were keen to share them as soon as possible.

And sharing goes both ways! If you want to inform us about great places or simply talk to us, you can contact us through the form below or visit our contact page for more info.

Talk to you soon!

Boris & Anne-Laure