Garage à manger

Garage à manger

The Garage à manger is a classic, we agree. So classic, we sometimes forget it. So we went back, this time with children, and it’s easy to see why it’s still a Brussels landmark.

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The Garage à manger brunch operates on a slot basis. We had booked the 10.30am (until 12.30pm I think?). The children have already eaten, or even had a snack since breakfast, so all they can think about is playing in the caravan, the toy car or colouring. That gives us time to order in peace.

What do we eat?

We eat well here. The proof is in the priorities set out on their website: “Seasonal fruit and vegetables, mature cheeses, local charcuterie, microbrewery beers, natural wines and all the conviviality that goes with it!

The brunch menu includes a savoury dish and a sweet side dish. The children’s dish is a croque-monsieur and soup with ice cream for dessert. Everything was delicious (I would have brought home a bowl of their granola!). I would have liked to have had an extra pastry, as the sweet choice seemed a little light. But that’s the opinion of a big sweet tooth.

Always a good address for brunch. The time slot is ideal for children to enjoy without getting bored. The food is local, seasonal and tasty… And everyone loves the setting. This Brussels classic is still the perfect place to meet up with friends and children.

Garage à manger

Rue Washington, 185
1050 Brussels

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