Lloyd Coffee Eatery

Salon du Lloyd Coffee Eatery

Lloyd Coffee Eatery

Close to the Louise “bottleneck”, the Lloyd Coffee Eatery offers all day long brunches and a narrator to keep the children busy. Kind of promising, isn’t it? We didn’t need more to add it to our list of places to try.

(Psst… In a hurry? We have summarized it all up using a rating system, right there)

The secret when going to a “Made for families” place is to arrive at the opening. First, because in general, you are awake for a long time so why not. Second, because the other clients may have the same idea (and the same “alarm clock” at home). We took advantage of an early wake up on a Sunday to try the Lloyd Coffee Eatery.

First surprise, the customer base isn’t only made of families and that’s nice. The lovely setting, the good coffee (well, the good latte because the Americano is a bit too strong but I’ll come back to this later), the food, … attract all kind of people at different moments of the day. But on a Sunday morning, it’s clearly a family time with a narrator arriving at 10am to keep the youngest busy in the game room.

The game room, let’s talk about it! Made of glass, it has a stunning view on the tables. It has everything children want and in good condition (we’ve seen worn out IKEA games in other places). Fireman Sam’s truck hit the mark. Colette also loved the big blocks to stack, the big Santa and stuffed toys in general. Others played with the Lego wall.

What do we eat?

It’s an all day long brunch menu: pancakes, Nordic or Belgian plates and egg buns. At the counter, we find various sweet treats such as donuts and cakes. Regarding beverages, we have a detailed menu that goes up to the golden latte (my reference, just like celebrity whims, which, if done, showed that all other requests have been taken into consideration. If there is a golden latte, there are all the other frequently ordered drinks).

We orderd pancakes. Fluffy, large, perfect. I’ve fallen for a white chocolate and caramel mix on mines, it was maybe a bit too much… But delicious!

Coffeewise, I start thinking I’m a bit picky. I love what my parents would call “jus de chaussette” (literally “juice of socks” so very light coffee) so when it’s a bit too small and/or too strong, I’m disappointed. I therefore was disappointed by the Americano… (I imagine it, as it’s name would let me think, just like Americans drink it so very large and very light but in Brussels, I always get a small and strong coffee… Why oh why?). Boris’ latte was perfect!

Great place for a family brunch and even better for a brunch with friends and their family. The narrator will keep the youngest busy when they will get bored by their pancakes and the not so young ones will be able to enjoy some time together to discuss.

There is another Lloyd Coffee Eatery close to the Ixelles Cemetery that I’m already excited to try!

Lloyd Coffee Eatery

Rue Jean Stas, 26
1050 Brussels

Brunch / lunch

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Made for Families

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