Pairi Daiza Resort

Bear lodges au Pairi Daiza Resort

Pairi Daiza Resort

Hearing the wolves howling in the distance as we leave the restaurant, visiting the sea lions on the way to our room, seeing the bears get their food in the morning, … For sure, a stay at Pairi Daiza Resort is out of the ordinary! We loved it and we explain why…

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Réception du Pairi Daiza Resort

We enter in a pretty tipi at the end of a parking lot dedicated to the residents of the hotel. At the reception, the hostess calls our daughters by their first name and explains us the system of the park/hotel. We give her our luggage to walk freely among animals. We’ll get them back in our room when it is available, in the middle of the afternoon. We pass through two large screen doors to mingle with the day’s visitors and discover some of the animals and the magnificent infrastructure of the place.

Hall du Bearlodges au Pairi Daiza Resort

Where do we sleep?

A little before the snack, a break is necessary and the timing is perfect as our room is available. We follow the indications and we open the door thanks to our bracelet received earlier. We are in one of the Paddling Bear Lodges, our terrace overlooks the sea lion pool. Spoiler alert: a sea lion makes a lot of noise (no more “oink oink” in children’s books, it’s closer to the burp of an ogre or a giant, I hesitate). BUT the room is so well soundproofed that you just have to close the window to be quiet (you can still hear them to stay in the atmosphere but it is discreet). In addition to being well thought out, the lodge is also pretty and comfortable. You feel good right away. The room is separated from the living room by two sliding doors (as much to say that one forgets completely the sea lions when all is closed). It opens onto a beautiful large bathroom in which there is even a small sauna. We did not really have the opportunity to test it but it can be great to relax.

Chambre des Bear lodges au Pairi Daiza Resort

What do we eat?

Our last zoo (the Dieren Rijck during our stay at the HUP) left us with a taste of a low quality French fries in our mouth. So we didn’t expect much better in the park. Obviously, we were very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sandwiches, soups and salads tested for the lunch.
In the evening, we ate at the Izba, one of the restaurants of the park accessible also during the day. The service ends early (18:00-20:30 approximately), which is convenient for us with small children. It’s a very well-stocked buffet with a mix of hot and cold, Belgian and foreign cuisine, healthy and less healthy. Everything we tasted was delicious!

The next morning, we were invited to have breakfast next to our lodge. The buffet, very complete (fruits, cheeses, cold cuts, bread, pastries, waffles, pancakes…) satisfied everyone.

What do we do?

Here, the activity is self-evident. But when we stay on site, we have access to the feeding of some animals. I must admit that I totally underestimated the interest of this meeting. Seeing a dozen brown bears come in to eat carrots and apples is impressive and fascinating. The sea lions take advantage of it to make the show and the penguins queue up before jumping into the water, fish in mouth. You can also access a part of the park for the duration of your stay, so you have a ready-made activity for insomniacs and early risers!
Finally, with our overnight stay, we received tickets for the train that runs through the park. When asked what they liked best about the park, the train was the answer that came out without taking the time to think!

Train à Pairi Daiza

The landscaping of the park is beautiful. We loved to discover the decorations as much as the animals. Our room was beautiful, comfortable and with an amazing view. We ate very well. The organization is meticulous. In short, this stay was incredible. We are still amazed.

We thought that the destination was ideal for a moment in group (with family or friends). It gives us ideas for a return in this beautiful setting…

Pairi Daiza Resort

Domaine de Cambron
7940 Brugelette

Brussels (1h) / Paris (3h15)

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