De Blanke Top

Le Blanke Top

De Blanke Top

In the middle of the sand dunes of Cadzand Bad, the Blanke Top raises facing the sea for a few decades. Entirely refurbished a couple of years ago, the hotel offers now the perfect setting to enjoy the seaside with children.

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Réception du Blanke Top

When you arrive bby car, you enter in the hotel through a brand new garage. It sets the pace, the hotel is recent and you can see it (it’s so clean that it feels like you can still smell the paint). We go up to the reception floor and, from there, before even checking in, we want to explore. Restaurants (two differents places for the evening and the morning services) are on the seaside, to enjoy the view at any time and the play room is right in front of the evening restaurant. The cabin on its own was enough for our daughter but the screen games were very popular among older kids. In between, you will find a little store, a slide, books (in Dutch), …

La salle de jeux du Blanke Top

On the same floor, but at the opposite of all this, there is a spa with an indoor pool. There are two pools, one at a depth of 30cm and with a fountain for the youngest ones and one at a depth of 1m50. Children have also access to a hamman and all of this has a seaview.

Where do we sleep?

Regarding the rooms, there are different possibilities. Ours had a separate bedrooms with bunk beds. But not these wooden beds where, if you sleep at the bottom, you hope that the person at the top doesn’t fall on you. No, lovely alcoves. At the bottom, a small table and its chairs with back in the shape of bunny ears allows to draw or do DIY peacefully. Deckchairs on the balcony offer the possibility to enjoy the view and breathe fresh air, which can be really enjoyable if you have to wait for the end of a nap. Highly recommended: the large bathroom with its own sauna.

Chambre avec vue sur mer au Blanke Top

What do we eat?

At lunchtime and dinner time, we go to the brasserie in front of the play room (Brasserie Henriette). You will find seaside classics on the menu (shrimps croquettes, shrimps tomatoes, oysters, …) and typical dishes of a brasserie. A kids menu offers pasta, chicken with french fries or smashed popatoes, … but not so many vegetables.

In the morning, a huge buffet is waiting in another restaurant (Dunes), next to the reception. You will find a bit of everything (eggs, bacon, sausages, salmon, yogurts, granola, fruits, pastries, bread, crepes, …) and even jars of baby food. The choice is remarkable. Hot beverages are also made available and the coffee machine offers a large range of options.

If you want something more delicate, the hotel will welcome you at The Sommet, its gourmet restaurant. And to have a bit of a variety if you stay a long time, there are several restaurants at the corner of the streets that will treat you a meal.

La salle à manger du Blanke Top

What do we do?

When you go outside of the hotel, you are directly on the promenade so you can take a walk or go by bike. The strandpaviljoens (strand pavilions) are waiting for you to take a break (crepes at Mojo are delicious if you are really hungry). We can, of course, enjoy the delights of the sea.

Not in a mood for a walk? The hotel provides golf cars that you can rent to visit the surroundings.

Le bord de mer à Candzand Bad

We love the seaside but the changing weather can make us give the outdoor activities the could shoulders. Never mind! The inside pool and the play room will take it from there. The hotel is really ideal to enjoy the seaside peacefully.

De Blanke Top

Boulevard de Wielingen 1
4506 JH Cadzand
The Netherlands

Brussels (1h50) / Amsterdam (2h50)

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